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Ken Haas Sale 2023

Tuesday Jan 17th @ 1pm MST

Current EPD's & Value Yearling Angus Bulls

Adjusted Yearling Wtgs with Actual Scrotals

Featuring 101 Lots

Bulls videos may be previewed on DVAuction before the Sale in December

Sale Tuesday Jan. 17, 2023 1PM

Featured Bulls

Lot 1 - KCH Ashland 070

BD: 02/10/22      Reg: 20388361

Lot 4 - KCH Fireball 872

BD: 02/22/22      Reg: 20388459

Lot 6: KCH Monumental 824

BD: 02/25/22      Reg: 20388447

Lot 10: KCH Wall Street 937

BD: 03/8/22      Reg: 20388481

Lot 12: KCH Fireball 427

BD: 02/2/22      Reg: 20388376

Lot 25: KCH Guru 830

BD: 03/1/22     Reg: 20388449

Lot 26: KCH Monumental 917

BD: 03/5/22     Reg: 20388474

Lot 32: KCH Wall Street 717

BD: 03/8/22      Reg: 20388407

Lot 36: KCH DNAmite 7079

BD: 03/24/22      Reg: 20388432

Lot 47: KCH Charm 807

BD: 02/28/22      Reg: 20388442

Lot 48: KCH Wall Street 811

BD: 03/12/22     Reg: 20388444

Lot 50: KCH Guru 91

BD: 02/07/22      Reg: 20388466

Lot 56: KCH Dignitary 139

BD: 03/08/22      Reg: 20388366

Lot 59: KCH Wall Street 7111

BD: 03/22/22      Reg: 20388437

Lot 63: KCH Ashland 062

BD: 03/01/22      Reg: 20388358

Lot 77: KCH Wall Street 929

BD: 03/23/22      Reg: 20388479

Lot 83: KCH Monument 140

BD: 04/03/22     Reg: 20388367

Lot 84: KCH Akkadian 90

BD: 04/12/22      Reg: 20388465

Lot 87: KCH Acclaim 011

BD: 04/11/22     Reg: 20388341

Bull Talk

It seems every year it gets harder to write this letter, as we always try to find a new way to “brag” about the bulls for each sale. We focus on raising cattle that are in the top of the Angus breed, so no matter what the customer’s emphasis is, our bulls can fit their selection criteria. Whether it be for producers who sell their stock by the pound that need high growth and easy fleshing characteristics, those who sell cattle to be sold as beef that need high carcass genetics, or those who need longevity, high fertility, and maternal made bulls, we have them all.

Our 42nd Annual Bull Sale offers a tremendous group of growthy, high scrotaling, high carcass, and easy fleshing bulls. Highlighting traits such as: calving ease, maternal strength, structural correctness, fleshing ability, growth, disposition, and carcass quality (with high choice and prime premium possibilities) create the “Right Combination Bull”. We want our bulls to gain pounds while still maintaining a low feed expense. Emphasizing carcass genetics has become essential and at the time of writing this letter, the market has a $26 spread between Choice and Select. There is no better time to purchase bulls that breed carcass genetics, growth, calving ease, thickness and structural soundness. Of the 100 bulls in this year’s sale, 89% meet the “Targeting the Brand” for CAB, and 75 of these lots are calving ease.

In this day and age many of us are finding it harder and harder to persistently work day in and day out in this life of agriculture. We all struggle to find feed and water for our livestock, loyal fulltime employees and of course balance expenses for our ever-increasing operating costs. It is easy to be sucked into a depressive, anxious and worried state of, why are we still doing this? How can we make the public understand the struggle we go through every day to meet their essential needs? We do it because we are the individuals strong enough to go through the volatilities that agriculture continuously throws our way. We will persevere with a good work ethic and our families that will continue the legacy and enjoy the wholesome lifestyle that agriculture offers. Let us not get discouraged, show respect and encouragement to all the men and women earning a living just like us and our grandfathers and NEVER give up.

We would like to invite you on January 17th, 2023 to see a brilliant lineup of bulls and enjoy a great meal. If you are unable to attend in-person, live bidding will be available through DVAuction. Also, wintering and delivery is available.

Ken Haas Angus

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