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Ken Haas Sale 2021

Tuesday Jan 19th @ 1pm MST

Current EPD's & Value Yearling Angus Bulls

Adjusted Yearling Wtgs with Actual Scrotals

Featuring 110 Lots
10 Fall Yearling Bulls
100 Spring yearling Bulls

Volume Source of Heifer Bulls
All Bulls EPD’s Enhanced with HD50K

Bulls videos may be previewed on DVAuction before the Sale in December

Sale Tuesday Jan. 19, 2021 1PM

Featured Bulls

Lot 1 - KCH Warhead 084

An outstanding Southern Charm son with super structure! Stout and thick, this bull has excellent EPD’s and actual while still maintaining a sleek appearance. He is out a super consistent 10 year-old cow who is a 7 year Pathfinder recipient. His style and power are sure to enhance profitability in any environment!

Lot 11 - KCH Jake 525

A typical BUBS Southern Charm son. Easy to look at, smooth, and easy fleshing. Not to mention his massive rib and muscle shape. With fantastic scrotal, ribeye, $F, $B, and $C EPD’s, this bull would be a great addition to anyone’s herd.

Lot 26 - KCH Haas Guideline

An exceptional EXAR Guru son in the top 5% in nine categories, including WW, YW, and $B, this bull not only adds tremendous growth and carcass value, but also feed efficiency and phenotype. He is extremely wide based, huge topped, and massive hipped while still traveling with comfort and ease. This bull’s fantastic physique and tremendous numbers will prove to produce high profiting progeny in the future!

Lot 48 - KCH Rogue 6477

A calving ease Charm son with excellent structure and big, stout feet. This boy is in the top 5% and 10% in WW and YW while also being in the top 20% in $G, $B, and $C. He is deep bodied, thick and sound; perfect for any heifer program.

Lot 97 - KCH Tank 110

As his name implies, this bull is a TANK! His deep body, wide top, massive hip, tremendous muscle shape, and stout feet and legs give proof to his name. Not to mention, he is in the top 5% in WW, YW, and Marbling. What’s even better is that he is a calving ease bull! This guy will add power and growth to any future program.

Lot 15 - KCH Charm 399

Another outstanding BUBS Southern Charm son. Easy feeding, smooth, masculine, excellent structure, and good feet, what is not to like about this consistent type of bull? He is sure to raise consistent and uniform offspring in the future!

Lot 18 - KCH Dignitary 909

This son of Dignitary, the $49,000 bull from our sale in 2019, is super easy fleshing with plenty of muscle shape. This bull has fantastic growth and scrotal with as super high milk EPD as well. He also has excellent feet and legs. He is sure to be a great addition to anyone’s herd!

Lot 83 - KCH Charm 0161

This BUBS son is another stylish, bold-ribbed, and easy traveling bull. He also has a high WW and FAT EPD, not to mention he is a calving ease bull. This boy would be a great addition to anyone’s herd!

Lot 109 - KCH Generation 441

Out of one of our herd bulls and a half-brother to Lot 1 from last year, this boy is every inch the Gentleman that Lot 1 was. A March calf with an outstanding Adjusted 205 weight and good growth EPD’s with a $B value in the top 20%, he certainly is exceptional! Not to mention his excellent, muscular physique and excellent structure! His progeny will bring profit in the future!

Lot 95 - KCH Monumental 860

This Monumental son is just stacked across his EPD chart! In the top 10% in eight categories including WW, YW, CW, MARB, $B, and $C, he also backs those numbers up with an impressive phenotype. Out of a first calf heifer, this guy is smooth, stylish, and muscular while still displaying good structure and ease of movement. This bull will produce high-profiting progeny!
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