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Ken Haas Sale 2015

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Sale Tuesday January 27, 2015 1PM (MST)       





Welcome to our 34th Annual Angus Bull Sale. Our objective is to raise the Б─°Right Combination BullsБ─² based on economically important traits that provide the most profitability for our customers.

As a seed stock producer we are striving to raise the highest quality beef in an efficient package. However, we are not overlooking the mama cow. Our cows weaned calves at 205 days old weighing well over 50% of their body weight. Cows should calve unassisted, stay structurally sound while in service, raise a big calf at weaning, feed efficient and breed back. But most importantly, produce excellent carcass traits. After all, when it is all said and done our Bulls are being bred to raise calves that ultimately end up on someoneБ─≥s dinner plate. We believe responsibility starts with cattle producers like ourselves to make every effort to ensure a pleasurable eating experience for our ultimate customer, the beef consumer.

High carcass cattle with feed efficiency are in great demand and our bulls exceed the breed average. Some of our bull customers are averaging 650 pound weaning weights, a four pound per day gain in the feedlot, and weights up to 1400 pounds at 14 months. High carcass premiums are an additional bonus for some of our customers whose cattle have been at the top end of the grid.

Our home raised Herd Sire KC Haas GPS is leased to High Country Heifers in Australia and Lindsay Jones in New Zealand. He has been performance tested with the top Angus Herd Sires from the USA, Australia and New Zealand with awesome results. Direct from the Angus Society of Australia Sire Summary release this December GPS ranks as follows:

  • #2 Sire for Domestic Breeding Index (Daughters retained for Breeding, Steer progeny finished on either pasture, pasture supplemented with grain or grain targeting the domestic supermarket trade)
  • #4 Sire for Angus Breeding Index (Daughters retained for Breeding, Animals will improve overall profitability in the majority of commercial grass and grain finishing production)
  • #5 Sire for Heavy Grass Index (Daughters retained for Breeding and Steer progeny finished on pasture)
  • #6 Sire for Heavy Grain Index (Daughters retained for Breeding , Steer progeny pasture grown with a 200 day feedlot finish targeting high quality, high marbling markets with significant premium for superior marbling)
  • Top 1.5% for Carcass IMF%
  • Top 1 % for Carcass Weight
  • Top 1% for Scrotal Size
  • Top 1% for 400 Day Weight
  • Top 1% for 200 Day Growth
  • Top 1% for Short Gestation and Calving Ease

Why do we care about these results? Because GPS has performed in both the grass/forage operations, the grain/feedlot operations, documented excellent fertility and confirms anticipated future profits from daughters retained for replacements. Here in the USA KC Haas GPS is the #2 Sire for these Combined Traits: Calving Ease, Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD, Scrotal Measurement, Carcass Weight, Marbling EPD, $Wean Value, $Feedlot Value and $Beef Value.

The majority of cattlemen in this day and age are looking for Б─°Management Free CattleБ─². Very little labor inputs, high weaning weights, high percent calf crop and high immune systems are an absolute must for so many cow calf producers. The bulls we are selling, offer tremendous immune systems for thrifty, healthy calves at birth that get up and go. We are convinced that these proven genetics will also provide cattle an increase in growth performance, reproduction & maternal, structural correctness, and profitable carcass results. Any cattleman can benefit from these traits no matter what your marketing goals are.

Bull performance data & EPDБ─≥s can be viewed online at Actual ultrasound information, adjusted 365 day weight, and scrotal measurements will be available on the website in mid January.

Ken feeds the bulls himself on the ranch. Feed consists of a growing ration including ground oat hay, corn silage, corn, liquid supplement and NaturБ─≥s Way.

This is a personal invitation to you to come to the sale. Enjoy lunch; view the sale bulls, herd bulls, and the replacement heifers. If you are not able to attend the sale, please give us a call and we can buy the bulls for you, satisfaction guaranteed.


Ken Haas

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